Friday, January 29, 2010

How to Layer

Layering is a big trend right now. It is a great way to stay warm as well as a way to show your own personal creativity. Hollywood stars love to layer. I have seen some stars doing it effortlessly and some who need to fire their stylists. Layering is an interesting fashion trend,it's fun and youthful.
Why should you layer?
- by layering you could wear summer clothing in the winter
-you could make almost anything casual
-mix match colors and patterns
-create a new and fresh look from your own existing closet
-you can wear heels during the day with socks (it's cute!)
-makes you feel creative
-can wear random things together (flower dress with turtleneck, and jeans) you can layer anything as long as you "make it work"!
Must haves for layering
-boots, leggings, knee high socks, fitted vests, long scarves,cardigans, white T's,leather jacket, flowy summer dress...

Tips on Layering (some looks)
-Look in your existing closet and find a long sleeved shirt this will act as a base for your layering, add a tank top over it. Look for colors that go together or compliment each other, and finish the look with a vest over the two shirts. Wear this look with jeans.
-Look for flowery dresses you could layer with leggings, a simple t-shirt, and wear this with some fun boots. Add a long vibrant scarf. If you want to change this look even more wear some knee socks under the boots just peeking out of the boots. The socks over the leggings and under the boots gives this look a casual feel.

-Button up shirt with vertical strips, wear a thank top over this that has strips going the opposite direction, than add a vest over this look. I have done this before and I really like the look, it really surprised me how good it looks.Play with patterns and colors.
-A new trend is wearing short denim shorts with dark leggings

(Love thiS Look! My fav! The lace is complemented by the black blazer.)

-Leather jackets go really well with short or long flowy dresses along with leggings
-long necklaces are a great way to layer and so are scarves

Remember that when wearing bold colors its good to layer them with a plain vest or jacket to tame the look.

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