Friday, January 28, 2011

Important Things you Need in Your Closet

Alcide (Joe Manganillo)
First of all before I write this blog, I want to take the time to talk about the new meat on True Blood. His name is Alcide and he is one fine werewolf. Anyways, TB is a great show. You should watch it.Today, I want to blog about key clothing items you need and will need for fall 2010. 
When transitioning from one season to another you should add only certain items of clothing to your closet and shouldn't worry about buying a whole new wardrobe. I think it's smart to take what you wear for one season and then think of creative ways in which you can wear it in another season.
Let's imagine your closet and lets add these things to it....
- Denim Jacket, a great denim jacket can make most outfits look chic. You can wear denim jacket with most things, and it's great to have during fall when it is a little bit chilly and you want to wear a dress. My favorite way of wearing denim jackets is with long flowy summer dresses. It can be worn with dresses, skirts, over white T and jeans and even with leggings. I bought mine at American Eagle for $49 and I love it. There are many different kinds of denim jackets out there, please don't buy the oversize, greenish colored, and or bleached denim jacket. 
This can take away from the simplicity and down to earth quality of the denim jacket. Try to get one that fits you well, and has one color, cropped or one that ends at your wast and preferably dark blue.
This is me :)

- White T Shirt, you will wear it more than you ever thought that you would. It’s classic, it’s simple and it’s comfortable. Can be worn with anything, it’s a great thing for layering, and it always looks good with jeans. White T looks great tucked into skirts, jeans and shorts. 
I made this collage so that it's easier to group looks.
For fall you can wear it under your denim jacket, cardigan and dress. I think it is good to also get a graphics T. I have one and I wore it with a pencil skirt. BTW you will need nude color bra to wear under your white T so that the bra color doesn’t distract from the white. I think that white t shirt also looks great on guys. I love it when guys wear white t shirt and cardigan. It’s also good to have a gray and black t shirt.

-Denim Shirts, these are going to be popular… they look really good with jeans, skirts, shorts, leggings, under white t, over a dress and under a vest. I got one myself. I bought it from H & M. I wish they made them in black and in shy pink. Maybe they will.
third pic has Rihanna, and I love how she is wearing her denim shirt.
-Vests, this includes denim vest. Vest are one of my favorite things… you can wear them with dresses, T shirts, over denim shirts, with skirts, shorts and under a cardigan. Vests add sophistication to an outfit. They give structure to dresses and other flowy things. You can get them at any length, size, texture and color. Just have fun with it.

Vests are a must!! I made these collages on Third pic has Olivia Palermo. Love her easy style.
-Jeggings, are a cross between jeans and leggings. Not for everyone, but they are really comfortable and would look good with most things. They can be night or day wear. They look really good with high heels, and in the fall they would look good with high boots and scarfs. Jeggings look good with big t shirts and sweaters. I prefer the dark blue jeggings because the light colored ones are unforgiving to your legs. We all love leggings and jeans. It makes me smile that they came up with this plan. It’s perfect.

- Boyfriend Jeans, this is really important. BF jeans are so comfortable and flattering on almost anyone. They look good with everything, and can be dressed down or up. The best pair that I have seen are the ones at American Eagle they were $50 and worth every penny. You will find yourself living in them.

 -Blazers! haha I love it, and just bought one today. compliments most things. I wore mine with dresses, jeans, skirt…. it’s chic and would look good this fall with a scarf.

                                                                                                          thanks for reading ~Mahlet

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Best and Worst Street Styles

Sienna Miller, great shoes.
I want to start this blog with a positive outlook. I will talk about the best and then I will talk about the worst so bare with me. I admire and look up to the innate sense  of personal style of  Rachel Bilson, Sianna Miller, Jessica Alba, and Resse Winterspoon. These people know how to dress. They know what looks good on their body, and their personalities shine through effortlessly.

From studying their street styles I have gained some respect for these individuals when it comes to fashion. I think that someone's real sense of fashion is most apparent in their everyday street clothing and not what they wore to the Oscars or prom.

 We are all busy and those who have an innate sensibility for fashion can dress casual chic in a matter of minutes. Jessica Alba. Scarves are a great way to create layering. Big/long sweaters are a new trend; I really like the color and texture of this one.                         

Reese Witherspoon, her look is very effortless.

Someone who understands fabrics, colors, lines, shapes, and is a visual person can look casual chic. They understand the idea that beauty is simple… If you can be creative without being over the top, than you can accomplish similar looks. If you want similar looks, don't go out and buy things that these stars are wearing, it's not about duplicating. 

What I want to get across the idea of creativity. None of these celebs are wearing similar things; they are using different clothing to create the same sense of simple beauty. Look in your closet and get inspired by the clothing you already have. Fashion is about having fun and I think these people are having fun.

Jessica Alba

Rachel Bilson. Love her simple style.

Jessica Alba has such an amazing style. Scarves are a great way to be create layering. Big/long sweaters are a new trend, I really like the color and texture of this one.

Mary J Blige, she is alway wearing too much.
 I want to get my hands dirty and write about celebs that have a terrible sense of style. These are stars that don't understand simplicity.  Mary J Blige, Mariah Carey, Olsen twins, Brittany Spears, Christina Aguilera and the whole cast of Jersey Shore especially Snooki. Love the show and Snooks but not the fashion. 

Mary J Bliege has a great figure but she likes to hide behind cloths. She wears too many hats, furs, and boots. Why does she wear a fur coat with fur scarves? Doesn't make sense to me, this is too much. Brittany Spears need to hire a stylist; she dresses like she is still in high school. She wears too many tight shirts, short shorts, bleached jeans. She needs to start a more mature closet.
Here is Mary Kate, can you see here under all that quilt? 

Mariah Carey, I love her voice but her style needs so much help. what she has on above does not flatter her figure.Th jacket gives her a ballooning effect. 

These celebs think more is better. Often they just try too hard and it shows. Mary Kate and her sister have gone too far in abstraction that their style has become just plain ugly. Why are these girls designing anyways?

"My ultimate dream is to move to Jersey, find a nice juiced hot tanned guy and live my life". ~Snooki

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Artist

I am sad to finally write this blog about the death of one of the most talented designer of our time Alexander McQueen. A few days after I wrote about his mesmerizing designs in my blog, McQueen was found dead in his apartment in London.

The details of his death have been written about by many and I do not want my focus to be about his death or his private life. I have searched the Internet to find my favorite creations by McQueen and I want to make his work the highlight of this blog.

Alexander McQueen is a true artist, his designs are more than just clothing, they are art pieces. He redefined beauty many times, it seemed he had an endless supply of beautiful.

The way his designs move, drape and form exude confidence. He has won many awards for his work.

He was the youngest person to win the title "British Designer of the Year" three times. He drew his inspiration from architecture, futuristic thoughts, fantasy, reality, and most of all he was inspired by his own imagination.

He is known to push the limits of design, he had an imagination that knew no bounds. That is why I like him. I want to see clothing in a different light, structure, form, function, dimension and McQueen has given us a new way of looking at fashion.

I think that ultimately he was an artist who was extremely gifted. After his death he will still be known as the Artist because his work speak for themselves. ~Mahlet

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Stripes, Lace and Animal Prints

Have you been seeing a lot of lace and stripes lately? Those of us who have that sixth sense for fashion know this season is all about lace and stripes. Traditionally, lace was reserved only for the boudoir. But today, it's become the "it" outerwear fabric. Lace brings a romantic sense to everyday clothing, which I absolutely love. I can't get enough of lace, not even after Lady GaGa wore it on her face. Actually, she wears a lot of lace. I feel like I need to do a whole article on Lady GaGa's fashion aesthetics.

These are some cute lace ensembles that are very fashionable right now.The difference between black lace and white lace is simple. White lace is innocent, pure, friendly, romantic and playful. That is why it is mostly worn during the summer. The words pure and romantic come to mind when thinking of weddings and that is why white lace is commonly used to accent wedding dresses.

Some of us love black lace better because it exudes sex, cocktails, and ... more SEX. Black lace should be worn during night outs, in the boudoir and for cocktail parties. I prefer to wear it on dates with Italian mafia millionaires on yachts...on the Mediterranean. Or maybe at Manhattan rooftop parties with the king of fashion himself...Alexander McQueen. or in the meatpacking district.

Anyways... Here are similar looks that I have found from Forever21 that are feasibly priced. The white dress is $28 and the black dress is $20 they are as stylish as the above dresses.
Alexander McQueen's Spring 2010 Collection

My favorite designer Alexander McQueen's spring 2010 collection is just breath taking. His use of vibrant colors and organic design concepts will definitely inspire spring 2010 trends. Look out for bright animal prints and structural dresses this spring.

Furthermore, stripes are in. Yes, stripes. Navy blue stripes on white is the pattern to wear this season, giving any outfit a Mediterranean feel. This is a laid-back, classic look. Lace may go out of style, but I think stripes will always be fashionable.

My favorite look is number two designed by Salvatore Ferragamo, I love the billowy appearance.

I leave you today, my dedicated fellow fashion fiends, with a lace embellished bustier top that I absolutely adore and need in my closet by Alexander McQueen. This bustier is an art piece and I think it should hang on my body.

I want this whole outfit, although the top itself is $2000.

I also want to show you the most artistic and expensive leggings by McQueen. These leggings are magnificent, they are about $600. ~Mahlet

Monday, February 1, 2010

Should YOU Shave Half of Your Hair to Follow a Trend?

Here is Carmen Electra.   
This look has gotten a lot of negative press and responses from people, but personally I don't think it's that bad. I think it accentuates the face, particularly the eyes. The asymmetry created by the cut creates a sense of eccentricity. Most things that are beautiful are odd in my opinion.

Like every trend you have to ask yourself if this trend will work for you, your body type, or in this case the shape of your face. This cut is extreme, unless you are 100% sure DO NOT attempt for obvious reasons.

 Can you imagine how you would grow back the area affected by this fashion trend? You would look like a freak. I want to know if it was Britney Spears or Rihanna who inspired this trend. Take a look at these pics and let me know what you think:)

People are saying that this trend ended in 2009, but I think 2009 was just the beginning. Fashion is about risk taking and I applaud all who try something new.

Here is Cassie, I think she has become the THE person for this fashion trend. She is gorgeous. Hair should be fun right?
Here is Cassie again, this is how her hair looks when it is up. It's a bit weird looking, and the cute yellow nail color isn't helping. I attribute this weirdness to a bad hair styling day. She should have had a side pony to give the "up do" a whimsical aesthetics.
For those of you who do not want to shave your hair, but appreciate the asymmetrical beauty of this look, there is hope for you. My friend Kiya did not shave her hair but instead she braided it along the sides. This is similar to the original look because it is structural and it plays upon asymmetry.

Here is a similar look that I have found for men. I just thought it would be appropriate to mention for the other sex. Proceed with cation that's all I am saying. That's all for today.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

UGGs boots are not for men!

What is wrong with this picture????

I have been seeing men sporting UGGs on campus. I don't know, to me it looks too feminine to be worn by men. UGGs are CUTE, that is the main reason why guys should not wear them. What kind of man wears furry, soft and CUTE boots??

Don't get me wrong, they could wear UGGs that are a little more masculine like these...

Imagine the guy above wearing these UGGs instead... He would have been much more attractive :)
I would love to hear from men, about this fashion crisis. I want to address this issue before it's too late!

Keep your cute UGGs in your man closet!

Friday, January 29, 2010

How to Layer

Layering is a big trend right now. It is a great way to stay warm as well as a way to show your own personal creativity. Hollywood stars love to layer. I have seen some stars doing it effortlessly and some who need to fire their stylists. Layering is an interesting fashion trend,it's fun and youthful.
Why should you layer?
- by layering you could wear summer clothing in the winter
-you could make almost anything casual
-mix match colors and patterns
-create a new and fresh look from your own existing closet
-you can wear heels during the day with socks (it's cute!)
-makes you feel creative
-can wear random things together (flower dress with turtleneck, and jeans) you can layer anything as long as you "make it work"!
Must haves for layering
-boots, leggings, knee high socks, fitted vests, long scarves,cardigans, white T's,leather jacket, flowy summer dress...

Tips on Layering (some looks)
-Look in your existing closet and find a long sleeved shirt this will act as a base for your layering, add a tank top over it. Look for colors that go together or compliment each other, and finish the look with a vest over the two shirts. Wear this look with jeans.
-Look for flowery dresses you could layer with leggings, a simple t-shirt, and wear this with some fun boots. Add a long vibrant scarf. If you want to change this look even more wear some knee socks under the boots just peeking out of the boots. The socks over the leggings and under the boots gives this look a casual feel.

-Button up shirt with vertical strips, wear a thank top over this that has strips going the opposite direction, than add a vest over this look. I have done this before and I really like the look, it really surprised me how good it looks.Play with patterns and colors.
-A new trend is wearing short denim shorts with dark leggings

(Love thiS Look! My fav! The lace is complemented by the black blazer.)

-Leather jackets go really well with short or long flowy dresses along with leggings
-long necklaces are a great way to layer and so are scarves

Remember that when wearing bold colors its good to layer them with a plain vest or jacket to tame the look.