Friday, January 28, 2011

Important Things you Need in Your Closet

Alcide (Joe Manganillo)
First of all before I write this blog, I want to take the time to talk about the new meat on True Blood. His name is Alcide and he is one fine werewolf. Anyways, TB is a great show. You should watch it.Today, I want to blog about key clothing items you need and will need for fall 2010. 
When transitioning from one season to another you should add only certain items of clothing to your closet and shouldn't worry about buying a whole new wardrobe. I think it's smart to take what you wear for one season and then think of creative ways in which you can wear it in another season.
Let's imagine your closet and lets add these things to it....
- Denim Jacket, a great denim jacket can make most outfits look chic. You can wear denim jacket with most things, and it's great to have during fall when it is a little bit chilly and you want to wear a dress. My favorite way of wearing denim jackets is with long flowy summer dresses. It can be worn with dresses, skirts, over white T and jeans and even with leggings. I bought mine at American Eagle for $49 and I love it. There are many different kinds of denim jackets out there, please don't buy the oversize, greenish colored, and or bleached denim jacket. 
This can take away from the simplicity and down to earth quality of the denim jacket. Try to get one that fits you well, and has one color, cropped or one that ends at your wast and preferably dark blue.
This is me :)

- White T Shirt, you will wear it more than you ever thought that you would. It’s classic, it’s simple and it’s comfortable. Can be worn with anything, it’s a great thing for layering, and it always looks good with jeans. White T looks great tucked into skirts, jeans and shorts. 
I made this collage so that it's easier to group looks.
For fall you can wear it under your denim jacket, cardigan and dress. I think it is good to also get a graphics T. I have one and I wore it with a pencil skirt. BTW you will need nude color bra to wear under your white T so that the bra color doesn’t distract from the white. I think that white t shirt also looks great on guys. I love it when guys wear white t shirt and cardigan. It’s also good to have a gray and black t shirt.

-Denim Shirts, these are going to be popular… they look really good with jeans, skirts, shorts, leggings, under white t, over a dress and under a vest. I got one myself. I bought it from H & M. I wish they made them in black and in shy pink. Maybe they will.
third pic has Rihanna, and I love how she is wearing her denim shirt.
-Vests, this includes denim vest. Vest are one of my favorite things… you can wear them with dresses, T shirts, over denim shirts, with skirts, shorts and under a cardigan. Vests add sophistication to an outfit. They give structure to dresses and other flowy things. You can get them at any length, size, texture and color. Just have fun with it.

Vests are a must!! I made these collages on Third pic has Olivia Palermo. Love her easy style.
-Jeggings, are a cross between jeans and leggings. Not for everyone, but they are really comfortable and would look good with most things. They can be night or day wear. They look really good with high heels, and in the fall they would look good with high boots and scarfs. Jeggings look good with big t shirts and sweaters. I prefer the dark blue jeggings because the light colored ones are unforgiving to your legs. We all love leggings and jeans. It makes me smile that they came up with this plan. It’s perfect.

- Boyfriend Jeans, this is really important. BF jeans are so comfortable and flattering on almost anyone. They look good with everything, and can be dressed down or up. The best pair that I have seen are the ones at American Eagle they were $50 and worth every penny. You will find yourself living in them.

 -Blazers! haha I love it, and just bought one today. compliments most things. I wore mine with dresses, jeans, skirt…. it’s chic and would look good this fall with a scarf.

                                                                                                          thanks for reading ~Mahlet

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